CLICK HERE TO SEE: Epcot Passport Through The Countries

I made this passport for my son and guess what it was lost since 2009! I found it this past week behind my scrapbook cabinet! So I have to apologize first for being so late and second for the pictures. My scanner isn't working, it is dark outside, and I had to take the pictures indoors and they aren't the best.
Anyway, if you go to each country they have a Kidscot area. Not only will they sign and stamp your passport but they give you this paddle like thing, and each country adds a die cut shape to it, and they stamp the paddle. Really cute. I have to find that and get a picture of it.
I really wish I could find the site where I found these pages, I searched the other day for hours and could not for the life of me find it anywhere!
So here are the pages.
I had to take the book apart to get shots of it. It is bound together with the clip things, don't know what they are called right now! The album size is about 4X6, and easily fit in my purse.

Sorry these are really bad pics, I will get better ones up here soon! But you get the idea. Each country stamped and wrote a message, China or Japan wrote Jeffreys name in their language. It only takes a few minutes to do in each country, and it gave Jeffrey an incentive to go to the next country. He thinks the World Showcase is boring, and I would too, if I was 9.
Still don't have a date in the one directly below! Guess I could fill it in now!

And finally the back!