Monday, November 22, 2010

Universal Studios

Here we are on day two going to Universal. First stop was eating breakfast at the Royal Pacific, not a bad breakfast buffet. Walking to Universal through City Walk

Some pictures around Universal

The great thing about Universal is the characters, they are everywhere, and usually no wait! Good thing, Jeffrey loves the characters!

We had to go back the third day just to see these guys! Jeffrey would not leave until we did!

Funny and cute story, Jeffrey goes up to Lucy and says OH Lucy, I'm home. Lucy comes up to him and exclaims "My little Rickey!" We laughed, how many 10 year olds even know who Lucy is!

Jeffrey didn't have a clue who these two ladies were, but knew he had to get his picture taken with any character he saw!

Shrek - second time seeing him

Shrek and Donkey first time

Scooby Do and Shaggy

Spongebob - cool background!

The Simpson Ride, awesome, but made me sick when we went backwards! LOL

Jaws! Ta da - ta da - ta da

ET ride - phone home!

Dinner over at Hard Rock in the Kitchen restuarant. Homer and Bart showed up!

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